Learning to read, write and calculate is guaranteed at SWB. We underwrite this guarantee with fail-safe programmes to ensure basic competence in literacy and numeracy.


All our younger children learn Cursive Script, and Jolly Phonics ensures robust early reading and writing skills. This is followed by Accelerated Reader which keeps our older children hooked on books, and Accelerated Maths which gives all children the practice they need in KS2 for a secure and thorough grounding in numeracy. Our children are tested and progress tracked every half term, and given personalised intervention if they are falling behind. Our SATs results are consistently above national expectations for attainment and progress.


We also believe children learn best through active engagement with the world around them. The International Primary Curriculum provides rich learning experiences through thematic topics, designed to inspire, engage and delight the children, and provoke high levels of enquiry. You can view our two-yearly topic cycle here. We go on numerous trips and outings, and the organisation of all our educational visits are conducted within in strict compliance to the DfE guidance.


Our performing arts are breath-taking, and the classrooms and public areas of the school are delightful and ever-changing galleries of the children's art-work.


Our allocated Sports Premium of £18,660 is used to buy into the Tower Hamlets Sports Partnership, and to employ a Choreographer in Residence. The Sports Partnership sends us a constant stream of expert sports coaches for such activities as judo, fencing, boxing, rugby, cricket and much more. Our choreographer provides weekly dance classes involving a wide variety of modern and traditional genres, building confidence, poise and self expression across all age-groups. Over half the school (180 children) currently participate in after school dance and sports activities. 46 of our children are representing the school at cross-borough level in inter-school sports tournaments, and as a result 13 children were selected to participate in in district trials. Furthermore, all children participate in at least one and a half hours of physical activity per week, and all learn to swim in an intensive course in the summer, giving every child the opportunity to develop a healthy active lifestyle. 


If you would like more information about our curriculum, please make an appointment to visit the school and we'd be delighted to show you the curriculum in action and answer any questions you may have.